Tuesday, November 28, 2017

to shun.

"semakin dekat loh kenal sama orang, semakin cepat loh sakit hati"
Ipuy, Lovely Man. 2011

There you go, one of my biggest fears meeting new people. luls

It's true that I've been avoiding. Some might noticed, some might not. I did not completely shut people out, I just want to be given some space for myself (like I never get that. haha but I love my "me time" so much, I crave for it sometimes). I haven't met people who I call my closest for almost two months now.

That two months period, I've used it wisely (hopefully), I spent most of the time with my family. My parents especially. Had dinner with my close family on my birthday, watched movie (my oh my, Abah loves being in the cinema. He might forgot he loved movies back then and used to take Mummy on a movie date!), we even bowl together, we had our mini road trip to Kudat, I went to my so called second home, SouKor (more on that on different post, maybe), oh yes, we did a lot of things (that includes doing nothing at home)

Honestly, after spending those precious time with my family, I asked myself, "Do you really need friends in your life?" I came up with this question after thinking about what happened to me this year. I reminiscence all the events this year, all my childish decisions and acts, the reactions I got from people around me, everything -- it came back as I keep blaming myself. Thinking it's all my fault -- for letting people came into my life and actually believe we're going to be okay for a long, long time. Deep down, I was disappointed. Or still am.

But still, not meeting my closest is not the real me either. There were always extra time for them. (and money, of course. not always but we go dutch all the time. luls). Therefore, I'm slowly becoming myself again, InsyaAllah.

A lot of "me time" until I got this crazy, cheezy idea to write a short story. But I'm too lazy, so yeah. I really, really, really miss having a laptop.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

still do.

So if you love someone
You should let them know.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Hello. *blows dust*

When I started working, I have few goals that I want to fulfill with my salary.
Pay my study loan, buy new hand phone, buy new laptop, get my own car, travel and many more.


I have this dream to surprise my parents with a weekend getaway or trips to anywhere cheap. *sigh*. The perfect scenario would be telling them, "We're going to ... this weekend, ready?" and I've been telling them not to be surprise whenever I will say that and just be prepared. HAHA. Abah always reminds me about his angan-angan to go to Jakarta whenever we are financially ready. And being a good daughter, I always wait for any airlines promo to buy the tickets for three of us. But then again, I always missed it because of my financial. *of course lah kan*

So, recently in August I went to Thailand with my friends, you can read our journey here, written by one of #TeamAADB. After waiting for months (we bought the ticket in March), and a few hectic weeks at work, the time has finally came. Okay, this trip I conclude it as a birthday trip for the August babies and I'm glad I said YES when TS asked me to join this trip. Thailand has been always in my travel list.

Hence, for my birthday, I think, I need a birthday trip as well! Couldn't find any cheap ticket for three of us, sad. To cut the story short, I asked abah to drive us to Brunei.  

Why Brunei?
First, Brunei is not a stranger to us. We've been there for I-don't-know-how-many-times already. Brunei used to be our second home when my sister and her family lives there. We went there almost every weekend, hence abah knows the journey really well (okay, not really lah. but he speaks really good Bruneian, he sounds like local!)

Nothing much on the celebration, I just want to spend time with my parents overseas. ehem. Well, other than that, I just want my passport get stamped. With 7 stamps from different post (total 14 back and forth), at least two pages are needed. *grins* Being in Brunei definitely brought back the memories (nasi katok at pasar malam Gadong is still $1, omg omg). Andddd guess what? Since it's my birthday trip, I bought my first birthday gift (yes, this year, I bought few gifts for myself).


Here's a funny story. Or something to think about. I've been eyeing the watch when I first saw it in Bangkok. HA! pasar malam only. It was only 100 Baht which equals RM11-12. In Brunei it's $10 which equals to RM30-32.

So, guess who has a new watch now? Bought in Brunei. Hmm.

Oh, and I bought a new hand phone as well. Phew! After four years journey with the old one, thank you. What a journey we had! Oman, Dubai, Korea, Thailand, Brunei. Eh.

After the Brunei trip (#BirthdayTrip), on my birthday (it was also a public holiday, on Monday. yup, no Monday blues), it was the usual birthday celebration with the family. We MAKAN! Then later that night, my best friend tried to surprise me, and surprisingly failed because she started spilling it out and I found out her effort for the surprise and sudden changed of places, here and there, I have a very interesting best friend, peeps. In the end, we settled with Starbucks at the airport. And one by one my closest friends came just the thought of having coffee on a Monday night. Don't judge my friends for not knowing my birthday -- HAHA. just being with them that night, made my day. I had a great laugh, a perfect end for my birthday. (and missed one episode of scarlet heart ryeo)

And I thank to everyone who wished me (thank you lah facebook, you've done a good job) and of course who don't need a facebook reminder, you guys deserve my hugsss. teeheee! For all the sincere doas, and all the unexpected gifts, thank you. I appreciate it very much.

I'm sorry for the long post. I just miss writing. Twitter has its character limit. Facebook is too crowded (oh well, this post is public as well. hmm. but nobody reads this anywhere), Tumblr is strictly for talking images (talking about mine here), Instagram is quite private as well, so here I am.

Goodbye. (I better start saving to fulfill the trips with my parents)